About Us

About Us

We’re the NEP and we’re helping police forces to transform the way they work.

The National Enabling Programmes – or NEP – was created to introduce a secure platform and national standards that enable new ways of working and collaborating for the 43 police forces that make up policing across England and Wales.

The transformation that we’re working with police forces to deliver will help them to serve their communities in better ways, and ultimately help protect the public.

An introduction to the NEP: Wayne Parkes, Programme Director for the National Enabling Programmes

The NEP’s transformational work is a vital cog in the delivery of the Policing Vision 2025. Developed by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), this Vision shapes decisions around transformation and how the police use their resources to help keep people safe and provide an effective, accessible and value for money service that can be trusted.

Why this is important

We’re doing this because the communities the police serve in the UK are becoming increasingly complex. More services and transactions are taking place online. Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated. And emerging criminal and terrorist networks need to be tracked down and stopped.

Demands on digital evidence – from CCTV footage to phone records – is mounting. And the public expects easy digital contact with the police.

All of these challenges mean that a more sophisticated response is required.

“The NEP’s work allows police forces to collaborate more effectively, to share knowledge with partners and protect sensitive data from rising levels of cyber crime”

What this means for protecting the public

By equipping police forces with innovative and secure services, we’ll help them find new ways to work better – even in the most high-pressure situations – help improve the use of digital evidence through the police and justice systems and build the foundations that help them collaborate.

The future of policing is digital. It’s about using everyday technology to help police work better together – speeding and simplifying the work they need to do while keeping it secure and efficient.

That’s what we’re doing at the NEP.


The NEP is committed to being as open and transparent as practical. Below is a link to our Publications section where you can find important documents in relation to our agreements with service providers and other important documentation.

Our recent publications


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