Covid-19 response

24 police forces look to accelerate tech delivery for Covid-19 response

Designed specifically support the co-ordination of Gold, Silver and Bronze Command groups in their preparation and management of civil emergencies,the Toolkit provides Police, Fire & Ambulance services, as well as PCC (Police and Crime Commissioners) and local authorities, the ability to construct and review contingency planning from remote locations, without having to sacrifice the quality of communication or information.

The Civil Emergencies Toolkit uses Microsoft Teams as a platform for all communication and collaboration between partnering services and authorities. It gives forces the ability to host meetings and briefings and enable partners to join remotely from any location, wherever they need to work.

Meetings and briefings can be conducted from home by desktop, laptop or tablet or from remote locations or when on patrol via mobile devices, using high-quality video and audio.

The Toolkit also includes a Crisis Communications PowerApp, designed to support internal force communications during civil emergencies. The mobile-device enabled app enables staff to easily update their location,maintain contact with managers and colleagues, and carry out their duties from remote locations just as if they were in the office.

Police forces are increasingly looking to digital tools to help them respond to the Covid-19 crisis (Picture: BBC)

Developed in close co-operation with Microsoft UK, the NEP’s (National Enabling Programmes) Civil Emergencies Toolkit provides a simple but highly-effective solution, which can be deployed using applications and services that are already available within a force’s existing NEP negotiated Microsoft licensing agreement.   

The NEP is currently working with each force’s local teams to help and support their business change and build process to ensure they can implement and deploy the Toolkit quickly and securely.

A recent webinar, created to walk forces through the Toolkit’s features and requirements, and provide a platform for answering questions, was attended by more than 150 officers and staff from across police forces.

Productivity services, based on the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, is just one of the steps in the work the NEP is doing to help police forces transform the way they securely and safely work and collaborate.

The NEP is also introducing the National Management Centre (NMC), the nationally-supported cyber security protection facility that’s helping protect policing from the ever-evolving cyber-risk profile and ensure police forces stay ahead of today’s cyber adversaries, and a nationally-supported Identity Access Management (IAM) service, to ensure the right individuals can securely access the resources and information they need, wherever they are.

Additional information

· The National Enabling Programmes (NEP) was created to introduce a secure platform and national standards that enable new ways of working and collaborating for the 43 police forces that make up policing across England and Wales.

· The NEP is introducing: the National Management Centre (NMC), policing’s nationally-supported cyber security protection facility; productivity services, based on the Microsoft 365 suite of applications; and, a nationally-supported Identity Access Management (IAM) service.

· The NEP’s transformational work is a vital cog in the delivery of the Policing Vision 2025. Developed by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), this Vision shapes decisions around transformation and how the police use their resources to help keep people safe and provide an effective, accessible and value for money service that can be trusted.

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