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33 forces & College of Policing now approved to fully rollout M365

Throughout the summer, force teams supported by the National Enabling Programmes (NEP), have been working to achieve the assured technical position in the programme known as Full Rollout Authority.

As of October 2021, 33 forces in England and Wales, plus the College of Policing had passed the Full Rollout Authority, which means they have the secure and protected infrastructure in place to provide all officers and staff with the full suite of Microsoft 365 tools. It also means they have successfully implemented a foundation of Identity Access Management and that they are protected by the Police Digital Service 24/7 National Management Centre which is proactively protecting the forces’ cloud and on premises technology infrastructure.

Wayne Parkes, Police Digital Service (PDS) Chief Digital, Data and Technology Officer and Director of the National Enabling Programmes, said: "The National Enabling Programmes has always been a very ambitious national change programme, and it's a huge achievement to have so many forces that have all reached this position in their journey to deliver a real change in terms of the technology and user experience for their officers and staff.  Whilst of course I will praise the dedicated NEP team, we must recognise that the success is down to the forces who we have worked hard to achieve this position.

"Meeting the independently assured Full Rollout position is really the starting point of the forces’ digital transformation, using the modern connected core technology the programme has delivered.

"Now the challenge is for forces to move to the adoption phase, rolling out the huge range of functionality beyond Microsoft Teams. This includes, but is by no means limited to, using Forms combined with automations, lists, and SharePoint –  all of which enable officers and staff to work more efficiently, freeing up time for them to focus on making a difference in the communities they serve.

"Technology is no longer a barrier to innovation within policing, officers and staff now have access to the latest advances in productivity tools, the technology just works, securely."

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