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50 Webinars available to support policing

Fifty webinars produced by the National Enabling Programmes (NEP) are now available on the www.transformation.police.uk website, all produced with and for policing to help with the implementation and adoption the latest technology to help deliver more effective police service to the communities we serve.

Every Wednesday the National Enabling Programme host a 30 minute live webinar with guest speakers from police forces, experts from the programme and Microsoft, all to help any officers or staff across police forces to get the most out of the newly available technology.

These practical sessions have already helped hundreds of police colleagues to make significant changes to working practices and release valuable time to reinvest in policing. We have also seen significant service improvements and savings as a result of forces picking up on the best practice of colleagues in other forces.

For Example - In March the team featured how Thames Valley and Hampshire were using the Microsoft Teams platform to stream live footage from police drones direct to the control room and officers on the ground. On seeing this Nottinghamshire changed a previously agreed approach to creating the same capability, saving a significant investment and improving on the potential capability.

The NEP has always worked alongside policing to implement the National Enabling Programmes, listening to concerns and adapting the programme to address gaps in knowledge or understanding, and the webinars remain a key part of this approach. Since the start of the NEP, we have produced over 70 webinars, the content available is regularly reviewed and when previous webinars become out-dated or superseded by newer content they are removed.

Just some of the webinars available

David Bailey, Digital Communications Lead for the Police Digital Service (which now includes the NEP) said "The National Enabling Programme is so much more than a technical implementation, the NEP is bringing modern and effective workplace technology to everyone in policing, so the webinars have been a key way of reaching out beyond the local change teams to help the users understand the capabilities and how they can be applied in any local police force."

"Whilst we get a significant live audience each week, we also know that colleagues will often replay and share the recordings. In fact our dedicated YouTube Channel has had over 9,700 views in the last 12 months, with almost 1,000 hours watched by viewers. We have also made it possible for forces to embed the videos on their local intranets, to support colleagues."

We get fantastic feedback about the webinars, and it's important to recognise that forces who contribute to them with great use cases and openness are key to the success.

In the next few weeks the programme will be revisiting the use of Drones, looking at SharePoint as Intranets and how live information which directly supports the operational response via Microsoft 365 is helping to keep people safe from harm.

The webinars have also attracted an international audience with regular viewers from police colleagues in Belgium, France, Netherland, Malta and Australia. In fact we invited colleagues from Belgium to share there very similar challenges with the UK audience.

All available webinars are available on demand via www.transformation.police.uk/watch and details of future live webinars are published via www.transformation.police.uk/events.

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