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A bit of give and take

Kent and Essex have become the first to both offer to share a M365 Power app with other forces - and look to adopt one.

Officers and staff are currently assessing the benefits of the MyCJ app, which was demonstrated to Wednesday Webinar viewers last week.

Developed by the MPS, MyCJ was showcased at the weekly collaboration and learning event and picked up by Kent and Essex’s digital transformation manager, Phil Bartholomew. Phil was the first to demonstrate a Power app on an NEP webinar when he shared a solution for Covid engagement and enforcement action a few months ago.

MyCJ, which makes compiling cases files much easier for officers, is now available to all forces to use through our new Solutions Catalogue.

Phil says: “It is great for policing to now have a central repository that allows all forces on the NEP journey to share their M365-based solutions.

“Across my career the problem of collaborating has been two-fold. Firstly, differences in application platforms across forces made it difficult – and M365 now provides consistency. Secondly, there was a lack of an organised approach to sharing and visibility of what other forces are/have developed, which the new Solutions Catalogue is now addressing.”

If you would like to watch the MyCJ app webinar again, with developer PC Simon King, please click here.

To find out more about the Covid reporting app – which could be adapted for areas of business – click here for the webinar.

Colleagues who have access to the Enabling Centre will be able to click on the Solution Catalogue and view the M365 innovations that have been developed by forces to share across the country. Everyone is invited to submit a solution they think could be of use to others around the country.

Anyone unable to gain access can contact rhys.willis@pds.police.uk or Thomas.connor@pds.police.uk

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