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Accessibility benefits from M365

Accessibility is at the heart of all M365 tools, and many issues that could be experienced by police personnel will be overcome at no cost following NEP adoption.

West Yorkshire Police have recognised that many accessibility problems experienced by officers and staff do not now need to be automatically referred to an independent consultant.

Richard Jones from WYP’s digital policing team explains: “Previously anyone that might have required additional software due to an accessibility or neurodiversity need was referred to an outside agency – at a cost of £400 per session. The outcome was often a recommendation that that the force purchases equipment, software and training that averaged £4500 per person.

“In addition, a laptop was generally required because the user’s needs could not be accommodated on a force PC.

“However now, with accessibility built into our M365 tools, we have seen a significant reduction in incurring these costs. We estimate this to be over £172,000 annually with a total saving of £344,000 to date.”

This is another great additional benefit resulting from the rollout of NEP’s productivity tools.

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