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City of London Police become the first UK force to move to cloud modern management

Around 1600 users across the force have received either a Microsoft Surface Laptop, Pro or Go and, depending on role, a new Android Samsung A40 – delivered to their homes or HQ.

As standard all the warranted staff, regardless of their deployment, have received a Surface / Samsung A40combination delivering existing business apps, Microsoft 365 productivity tools and connectivity any time any place. This means regardless of role, officers can be deployed between office and frontline with ease, always having the technology to perform any task.

Not only are staff working more effectively but the tech team is registering some highly significant savings on device build costs. Head of ICT Jonathan Chapman explains: “Previously it would take an engineer up to three days to build and securely configure legacy Windows 7 devices in batches. When we calculated this at an average cost of£270 per device - an overhead of nearly 50% on the cost of a new device.

“Now, through our use of Microsoft InTune and Modern Management and utilising Microsoft 365, we can provision and deliver a laptop to a person’s work or home for just £16 - direct from our supplier without it ever needing to physically enter our estate . Once delivered a user simply turns on the device, connects it to any wifi, from where it configures for them and their role.

“We have also taken the opportunity to securely resell the old devices to make the replacement rollout as economic and environmentally friendly as possible.”

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