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Reflecting on a year of challenge and change

After massively escalating the programme to ensure as many members of the police family as possible could have access to Teams and other productivity tools from Microsoft, working from home has been made possible for thousands. This in turn created more space to keep those who needed to be offices and stations safe.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, the pace of the NEP’s rollout will be maintained, thanks to a commitment to keep the delivery going into the next financial year.

The focus for the coming months will be making sure the forces yet to fully adopt Microsoft 365 can make the technical and security changes necessary to meet the NEP’s compliance standards to start making products available to their personnel.

Additionally, the team are working to spread innovative use cases across policing by encouraging frontline staff to share their stories of how they are changing the way their teams work to spend less time on costly or mundane tasks such as travelling to different locations or manually inputting data. The NEP is so much more than a technology programme, with the support of the dedicated programme team forces are enabled to make huge business transformation and empower colleagues to work more effectively together more than ever before.

As we approach the end of the March more forces are set to hit the full rollout authority milestone and 40 forces are now connected to our purpose-built cyber security centre, known as the National Management Centre (NMC).

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