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Creating your own online Microsoft Help centre

We all recognise that it can be a challenge when technology changes, but every force can have its own dedicated learning area which provides the latest user guides for the Microsoft 365 suite.

If you have been visiting the National Enabling Programmes (NEP's) Enabling Centre you may have used the productivity tools tab on the main menu. This is the NEP's instance of Microsoft's 'Learning Pathways' and is a one-stop-shop for users to learn about the products they use.

In this webinar, you will learn how to build the facility for your force and teams, and YES it's included in the NEP licensing so all the force need to do is get started to have your own Enabling Centre.

Screenshot of the NEP Enabling Centre with the Productivity Suite Highlighted

As you will have seen over recent months, Microsoft products are continuing to evolve and get new services regularly. Once set up your local version of Learning Pathways gets updated by Microsoft as improvements are delivered. This is because you are sharing access to the Microsoft guides direct to your teams rather than creating local copies of the content that could and will go out of date.

It's also a great way to start your journey to a modern SharePoint based intranet, ensuring you are getting the best value out of the investment in Microsoft services.

Microsoft 365 learning pathways offers:

  • A fully customizable SharePoint Online communication site - The learning pathways training portal can be customized to add your organization's help, support, and community content
  • The ability to create your own training playlists - with learning pathways, you can create targeted training playlists to meet the unique needs of your environment
  • Up-to-date content - Learning pathways provide content through a Microsoft online content catalogue, so the content at your site is regularly updated

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