Derbyshire Constabulary
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Derbyshire Constabulary gets NMC cyber protection service

Derbyshire Constabulary joins Essex Police, Kent Police, West Yorkshire Police and Cumbria Constabulary who are all in live operation. The NEP team is now working on a phased implementation programme to bring in other forces across England and Wales over the coming months.

Derbyshire Constabulary went into live operation today with the initial monitoring service for scrutinising its cloud-based IT estate.

The NMC deploys a range of security tools, technologies and a specialist team of analysts to monitor, hunt and help to detect unknown, sophisticated and evasive cyber security threats. Together they will help police forces ensure these threats can be locked down and eliminated before they can cause damage and disruption.

Analyse and scrutinise

The NMC’s Initial Monitoring Capability, which has gone into operation with these forces provides a protective monitoring service that will analyse and scrutinise each force’s cloud-based technology estate, and generate alerts on a near-real time basis if there are any indications of potential security attacks, or unusual and suspicious behaviour.

The NMC’s services will be expanded over the next few months to provide a comprehensive, pro-active security capability

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