Photo of Simon Parr Presenting via Teams

Digital Teams bring National and Local Teams Together

The National Enabling Programme was just one of fourteen programme who provided an update on the progress they are making to enabling policing to work more effectively. We explained that well over 50,000 police colleagues were now using the NEP solutions to improve collaboration across policing in a fully secure and audited environment.

Chris Walker, associate partner at Chaucer Group, who lead the two-day event said “The National Enabling Programmes progress over the last couple of years meant that delivering these important events duringCovid-19 on a secure virtual platform was a practical solution. In fact, the feedback from the delegates was very positive, they were able to join sessions of note with less impact on their day job and the levels of interaction between the technology programmes and the audience meant that the event generated as much positive impact as more traditional face-to-face channels."

The event was held on Microsoft Teams, using the ‘live events’ functionality which allowed the organisers and presenters join from all over the country, saving significant travelling time and expenses also. The format of the event in terms of the content and interaction was reassuring familiar to those involved but all done from homes and offices.

The fact access was managed in a secure platform enabled open and frank interaction about the colleague’s forces and programmes face and the progress they have been making during the Covid-19 crisis.

Simon Parr, Deputy Director of the NEP who presented yesterday said “Of course it can feel a little odd being unable to see the audience whilst presenting and it takes a few minutes to become comfortable, but clearly we saw really strong levels of interaction via the Q&A. We now have over 50,000 police officers and staff with full access to Microsoft Teams across policing in England and Wales and that number is growing daily. The roadshow was a really powerful demonstration of the power of this technology, allowing colleagues to access the roadshows using a range of devices including some using mobile devices to fully participate in the sessions.”

These roadshows are just part of the national adoption of the National Enabling Programmes, key local, regional and national meetings now take place via Teams including the NPCC Chiefs Council meetings now fully held on the secure platform.

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