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Empowering Ideas in Teams

One of the very best ways on achieving change and enabling real transformation across an organisation is to leverage the skills, knowledge and ambitions of our teams. But it can be a challenge encouraging colleagues to provide ideas and more importantly demonstrating how those ideas can be realised and the outcomes achieved and tracked.

On Wednesday 13th October we will be demonstrating how Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police have used in the inbuilt Employee Ideas Teams App which is available to all forces who have rolled out the National Enabling Programmes to encourage and act on ideas.

- Employee ideas app is used by the Teams users to perform the following activities:
- Set up and configure an idea campaign (a category for grouping ideas around common themes).
- Configure a standard submission form that employees need to submit for each idea.
- Review idea campaigns, and manage the list of campaigns and ideas.

But that is just part of the solution, the next step is making sure that everyone can see what is being progress and provide feedback on why some ideas have not been able to be implemented. Devon & Cornwall and Dorset will show how they track ideas from the ideas app through to rollout.

Best of all is that this functionality is included with the standard build so available to all our forces.

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