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Enabling officers and staff to develop PowerApps in Policing - Webinar

The rollout of the Microsoft 365 platform in policing means that officers and staff can now be enabled to create innovative solutions to help the force to work more effectively and improve the services they provide with the out of the box functionality provided by the National Enabling Programmes.

Many elements of the Microsoft Power Platform are included in our MOU and licenses, and even the basic functionality can make a huge difference. In our Webinar on Wednesday 6th October at midday, the NEP team will be joined by two police (not techy) colleagues from the Met Police, who will explain how they have been able to enabled officers and staff to transform working practises using the technology now available.

We will learn how they manage and assure the quality of the apps, bring ideas and people together who have similar ideas and how this is all managed within the secure and fully audited police environment.

Of course any app developed on the platform can be also made available to other forces via the NEP Enabling Centre and Solutions Catalogue as all forces share the same technical blueprint.

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