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Enabling Safeguarding

Police in Wiltshire have successfully implemented an innovative approach to using Microsoft 365 capabilities delivered by National Enabling Programmes to educate children around child exploitation and vulnerability.  

The team remotely delivered virtual learning educating students during the pandemic but this has lead to lasting changes which have not only improved the outcomes achieved by the officers work in schools but helped improve the quality of data and effectiveness of the team.

My using the Microsoft 365 toolset the force has saved considerable time and improved the satisfaction of users giving staff back valuable time to use more effectively rather than spending time on travelling.   The team in Wiltshire have created a brand-new database on SharePoint to enable secure and effective sharing of data with those who need it, whilst improving the quality of the data held.

The Swindon and Wiltshire Inventions for families to thrive (SWIFT) now manages all interventions. The team have created a portal site that will be populated with training videos, lesson plans and all the administrative paperwork in one place.  All staff and officers within Neighbourhood Teams will be able to access information from the site and use it properly and productively.

Mentoring of young adults can now also be done remotely and using forms for feedback the team can triangulate responses based on several factors to gauge success. In one hour, the force team received over 345 responses to a poll that used to take place on on an external tool and previously involved the communication team to support this work, but is now delivered on the secure M365 environment.

Going forward the team will continue in an agile way to maximize opportunities giving options in a flexible approach rather than one size fits all.

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