Image from Wiltshire Police of police firearms on the bonnet of a marked response car

How does M365 help Operational Teams work together

Replay this fantastic webinar and learn more about how your team could use this technology:We are all aware of the challenges of keeping a 24/7 organisation connected and aware of all the latest information. This can be particularly challenging when you need to keep colleagues who don't necessarily work together on a daily basis but need to come together as a a combined team for both planned and spontaneous events.

Since December last year Wiltshire Police's HQ Operations Teams have been using the Microsoft 365 suite to coordinate their work. This includes keeping officers in departments like response and local policing who have additional skills and responsibilities such as Public Order or Search (POLSA) involved in planning and responses to incidents.

Replay this fantastic webinar and learn how adopting the approach that Wiltshire have could help your teams work better together.

The HQ operations team includes the forces Firearms, Dog Support and Traffic teams, but also the Planning and Major Incident teams. Whilst it may have started as enabling simple sharing and collaboration using teams, the capabilities used by the team continue to be developed. This means they are now using forms and flows to ensure daily reports are circulated and accessible to those who need them and the team are able to deliver a better service to the communities of Wiltshire.

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