Live drone footage streamed to an officers mobile via MS Teams

How live drone streaming on Teams helps save lives and tackle crime.

Back on the 17th March (2021) the weekly National Enabling Programmes weekly Wednesday webinar highlighted how Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Police had started to live stream footage from the forces drones on operation direct to officers responding via the existing Teams capabilities.

Watching the above webinar was Vince Saunders from Nottinghamshire Police who was in the process of procuring similar but bespoke capabilities using a different and dedicated technology approach.

Immediately Nottinghamshire Police changed plans and have built on the approach of their colleagues in Thames Valley and Hampshire, and now share the capability with the fire service.

Watch the latest webinar on Drones here:

It's your opportunity to learn more about how they are delivering this capability across both the Police and Fire Services in Nottinghamshire, how it's helping to tackle crime and save lives, both proactively and during response to live incidents.

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