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How SharePoint Lists help manage data

SharePoint lists versus Excel

In our daily work, many of us use a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to manage lists of data. And whilst excel is familiar and powerful, it's perhaps a little clumsy for just managing lists rather than doing powerful calculations.

This is where a SharePoint list might offer a better and easier to use solution, and importantly allow others to view or update the data easier.

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What is a SharePoint List?

Think of it as a simple Excel spreadsheet table,  

- a list contains rows (for data) and columns (for metadata).

- a list can include people, pictures, links, dates, and file attachments.

- you can add columns for different types of data—such as text, number, currency, date/time, or a drop-down list of multiple-choice options.

- it can help you group, categorize, and track information.

- You can also create list views that filter and sort the information in your list to display data more effectively than ever before.

Also once data and information are held in a list you can integrate data to other tools such as PowerAutomate or event have Forms adding lines to the list automatically. In the future, you could even add Chat Bots to look up information and provide an answer but let's focus on the simpler uses first.

And yes you can export to and from Excel

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