Screenshot from the webinar of a mocked up police yammer account

How Yammer helps internal engagement

One of the key benefits of the role out of the Microsoft 365 suite via the National Enabling Programme is the increased opportunities for colleagues to be connect and share. This is rightly focused around Teams and the structures we use across policing to deliver operational services, but how can we leverage the clear desire and needs of officers and staff to collaborate wider across the force. Yammer is the enterprise social media platform included in the standard build of the NEP. It's within the blueprint and allows force users to engage with wider 'communities' within the force.

It's important to have some difference between Yammer and Teams for collaboration:

Teams - for delivering of service - rated to Official Sensitive so can be used for operational matters

Yammer - for social sharing and support - not specifically to a case or instance but for help and support or problem solving networking. Sport and social, staff associations etc.

Yammer has more of a self-subscribing approach, everyone interested in a theme talking about and issue that matter to them or communities of people in similar roles in different locations or teams. Think of a Yammer community for all PCSOs in a force to share approaches to problem solving, or a every response officer being able to ask a question on Yammer and get a response from any other officer with relevant experience.

Yammer can play a huge part in Senior Officer accessibility also. Everyone in the force can join chats or communities to talk about issues and similarly the leadership teams can get involved, increasing openness and transparency across the force.

Taking internal engagement into a secure police only space can also allow the conversation to be more frank and open, allowing those who don't wish to be associated with policing on their personal social media accounts to get involved.

On Wednesday 21 April we will heard from Microsoft's Chris Slemp who led the corporate use of Yammer across Microsoft for four years. Chris shared his experience of supporting complex organisations using Yammer and the impact it has on culture and engagement.

Find out more about Yammer adoption via the Microsoft Adoption Site here

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