Image of the NEP extranet build on SHAREPOINT

Intranets on Microsoft 365 - Webinar and Workshop

No matter how big or small an organisation is, ever organisation has challenges when it comes to internal communications and engagement. But when you are a 24/7, 365 organisation, working across a large geographic area, working complex shift patterns and have colleagues working remotely it can be even more critical and difficult.

Traditionally internal website's or intranets are often hosted on older style Content Management Systems, which are largely only updated by force communications teams, rather than the content owners in each department. The introduction of the Microsoft 365 platform in every force means that not only can a cost saving be achieved by retiring bespoke intranet CMS platform, but also improve the security and capabilities.

Over the last few weeks our webinars have often reference the fantastic capability sharing files can provide for collaboration, however another fantastic capability SharePoint is enabling key documents, such as policies or forms can be provided to a wider audience and provide that vital single version of key information. Also that as a result of the move to SharePoint for document management, those same departments can now publish key information and updates via an intranet to their teams and wider.

This week, to coincide with the annual Police Communications (APCOMM) Academy our webinar is focused on SharePoint as an Intranet, when were joined by West Yorkshire Police who have been transitioning from their old intranet to a new intranet based on 'Modern SharePoint'. Gemma Colley from West Yorkshire Police joined by David Bailey from the Police Digital Service who spoke about how intranets can be developed, providing tips on issues to avoid but practical demonstrations on the ways you can change the look and feel, but maintain the functionality as we go along.

The webinar will be followed by next month we a dedicated internal communications workshop where we will bring in colleagues from Cumbria to share their experience with using Yammer in force alongside West Yorkshire and others using the SharePoint as an intranet to explore the options to improve internal engagement as a whole in policing.

To register for an invitation for the the police communications workshop please click here and an joining instructions will be sent through via email.

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