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Keeping in touch with the Police Digital Service

The Police Digital Service is setting up a new engagement team to connect the work and delivery of the PDS with forces and the police tech industry.

On Wednesday 30th March 2022 at Midday join our Business Engagement Director, David Jackson, with members of the business engagement team who will explain how the team will work and how to get the most out the team. We will share details of how to contact the team, where you will be able to find the latest updates and webinars from the PDS as we start the new financial year.

Click here to join the live webinar at Midday on Wednesday

We will also include details of which services, established by the National Enabling Programme, which are now being transitioned into the Police Digital Service.

The following week we will be holding a special webinar when we look back at the reflections and learning from the successful delivery of the National Enabling Programmes. This is the final week of the NEP so we want to look back at what policing has achieved in partnership with the forces and the tech community, and share hints and advise with both forces and other change programmes based on the feedback from our stakeholders.

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