Screen grab of the tool bar including the new reactions functions

New Microsoft Teams meetings functionality now available to policing

In addition to virtually raising your hand in a Teams meeting, it’s now possible to express yourself in other ways.

While you are in a meeting, hover over 'Show Reaction' in meeting controls at the upper-right area of the screen, where 'raise hand' was before.

Raise Hand now appears alongside four live reactions, including Like , Love , Applause , and Laugh.

Next, to share a live reaction with everyone during a meeting, hover over Live Reactions and then choose the reaction that you want to express.

Your reaction will appear for a few seconds in your live video feed or on your profile picture at the lower right.

If you or someone else is sharing content in a meeting, such as a desktop, window, PowerPoint deck, photo, video, or whiteboard, reactions will float up from the bottom of the screen for a few seconds. Corresponding reactions also appear on the profile pictures of participants who send reaction.

Note: You won't see this reaction if you are in Together mode or Large Gallery view.

To find out more and see the mobile view of this functionality click here to read the latest update from Microsoft.

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