Screenshot of co authoring an MS word document

Learn how to share and co-author documents on Teams and Microsoft 365.

If there is a single change that M365 and Teams enables, which is a huge effect, then co-authoring is top of the list. M365gives police officers and staff the ability to collaborate on their documents and files in real time, without sending an attachment on email etc.

Imagine the impact of opening a file and knowing that it's the latest version and it contains the latest update from whoever needs to add or change details.

Even better, seeing it being updated LIVE by a colleague in another location whilst you have it open.

This weeks webinar is going to focus on some 'back to basics' of collaborative working.

You will learn:
How you can save a Word, PowerPoint, Excel or OneNote which will allow you to invite colleagues to edit or if needed only have view rights.
How to add comments, review and control versions and access to different versions.
How to share a file and revoke access even after sending the link.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be covering some more of the basic functions and how to use them to transform the way you work.

If you missed the webinar where we shared how Hamps and TVP are using an App based on SharePoint Lists then please click here. We will be following this up with an introduction to SharePoint lists on the 14th July.

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