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How National Standards enable innovation and effectiveness.

The National Standards are key to enabling police forces, the Police Digital Service and the technology industry, to deliver the critical ambitions in the Police Digital, Data and Technology Strategy.

The Standards are helping us to work collaboratively across technology platforms by setting clear standards across all aspects of digital.

We all know the frustration when information or data has to be changed or copied to work in a different computer system. Standards help us ensure that we share information securely with partner organisations across different technology environments.

National Standards for data and technology in policing help to drive innovation, reduce costs and improve interoperability. The development of National Standards brings together UK policing, the Home Office and suppliers, in a common approach to sourcing, promoting and adopting standards in line with the National Policing Digital Strategy.
The Police Digital Service works with our national policing partners to coordinate the National Standards programme.

If you are involved in changing the way we work in a force, standards will help you get the most of out any opportunity to change.

An importantly the teamwork across policing and technology providers to ensure the standards are deliverable and suitable. All stakeholders have the opportunity to provide feedback on proposed standards as all the detail is published on the dedicated section of the PDS website (without the need to log in).

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