Pen and signature of J Smith

Looking for a digital solution to wet signatures?

Don’t let waiting for someone to sign in pen and ink slow you down. Adobe has an NEP compatible tool that will speed up your processes in a safe and secure way.

Find out what Adobe can offer policing at our workshop on May 20 from 14:00 to 15.30hrs (this is the event that replaces the one originally scheduled for April 15).

The NEP’s Benefits lead, Rhys Willis explains: “The purpose of the event is to highlight to forces that have procured Adobe. or are considering Adobe, the wider capabilities and functionalities of the M365 stack.

“We would not necessarily want forces to consider one process when in fact this could be delivered by Microsoft Forms or, Power Automate. Conversely it is critical that forces consider the wider opportunities of integration of Adobe into Teams to expedite business processes and enhance effectiveness.“

In addition to a guest from Adobe, we are delighted to be joined by Gerry Baker, Digital Transformation and Print Projects Manager from Norfolk County Council.

Gerry was part of the team that escalated the council’s plans to digitise signatures during the Covid-19 lockdown. He will outline some of the Microsoft integrations they are now using to drive automations and efficiencies.

To join this workshop from the NEP's Force Benefits and Engagement team, please email mike.cowley-freeman@pds.police.uk

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