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Webinar: Use of Microsoft 365 with Body Worn Video featuring Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police Forces

Our Weekly Webinars are back starting from Wednesday 8th September when the National Enabling Programmes team who will be joined by colleagues from Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police forces, to explain how they have integrated Microsoft 365 and the Body Worn Video used in the force to improve the way they deliver service.

The weekly webinars are a 30 minute slot where we share with forces and colleagues how they can get more from the implementation and adoption of Microsoft 365 in policing which has been enabled by the National Enabling Programmes. We bring in examples of good practice from forces and partners alongside updates on the latest functionality available to policing. We always make sure these inputs are relevant to police forces, and regardless of how far along the adoption journey you are these webinars can add to your understanding and you tell us how they have been inspiring you to develop new and effective approaches using the tools now available.

You can replay the webinar here

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