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National police assaults data reporting app now available for all police forces – Webinar

A brand-new app is being launched allowing police forces to record incidents of assault against officers and staff in a consistent way.

In the 30 minute Wednesday Webinar taking place at midday on 9th March we will introduce the context for developing the app and includes a demonstration for the app with a live Q and A in the chat function.

This is aimed at those involved in adopting Op Hampshire locally in their force and those whose roles are critical in support of this such as ICT, HR and Wellbeing.

The roll out of this app is an integral part of the wider Operation Hampshire programme, led by Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS) which has now been adopted by all UK police forces.

The aim of the Op Hampshire programme is to achieve a more consistent approach across the UK with all forces adopting similar processes in their response to assaults.

The new app, developed in partnership between the National Police Wellbeing Service, the Police Digital Service, Agilisys and Microsoft, will support this and is now available to all forces to deploy as part of their Microsoft 365 solutions. Because it is built on the Microsoft Power Apps platform, all forces can use the same application, free of charge.

It has been designed from the input perspective of a busy front-line supervisor. The question set is simple to follow and takes less than 5 minutes to complete for each assault. The app has undergone a live trial within the City of London receiving positive feedback including that the ‘the instructions are clear’ and the app is ‘quick and easy to follow’.

The app does not replace the various crime recording systems across forces but will provide a simple method for capturing the essential details of assaults quickly - and will ensure consistency in the data recorded.

Assaults data from the app will be owned and managed at force level. Forces will still lead the local response to incidents following the Op Hampshire process, ensuring officers and staff are supported and relevant actions are taken.

Redacted force level information will be fed into a national database to provide a UK wide picture. This will also provide a deeper understanding of the true levels of violence used against officers and staff and bring the data together to provide a national overview.

This will help to identify specific issues and provide an evidence base to make decisions, and support forces to adapt training, equipment and procedures.

This is a significant step in our journey in supporting forces with the adoption of Operation Hampshire and providing the tools they need to be able to accurately and consistently record incidents of assaults on their officers and staff.

The wellbeing of officers and staff is absolutely at the heart of this and there has never been a greater opportunity or need to address this issue. A single solution that for the first time provides a national picture of assaults affecting our colleague is potentially game changing in our drive to providing our colleagues with the support they deserve.

To support forces in adopting the app into their organisation, IT teams can download the application direct from the NEP/PDS Solutions Catalogue, which also contains the user guides and relevant documentation they need.

The App is deployed to the force using their local Microsoft 365 environment, as all forces who have achieved full rollout of the National Enabling Programme have a compatible platform.

Replay the webinar here

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