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NEP help monitor assaults against officers and staff

The National Enabling Programmes (NEP) is helping to monitor assaults against officers and staff by developing a power app to improve data collection.

Colleagues from Operation Hampshire – the national project to improve the response to assaults on police personnel– approached the NEP for assistance in achieving better consistency across forces when it comes to recording assaults. This in turn will help police leaders understand the threat better and influence future training needs of the service.

Working alongside Operation Hampshire through the National Police Wellbeing Service, and our partners at Microsoft, the NEP is developing a proof of concept tool.

Once it has met the required criteria, the power app will be made available to all forces via the solutions catalogue.

NEP Director Wayne Parkes says: “This is exactly what the introduction on Microsoft 365 tools across policing is all about – developing one solution that can be adopted by all for the benefit of all.”

National Police Chief’s Council wellbeing lead, Andy Rhodes, adds: “This will save forces spending time, and potentially money, on developing their own processes - and the fact that we will be able to collate consistent national data will help policing find safeguards and solutions to the serious issue of attacks on our own people.”

The NEP team is also working on a Power Bi tool to present the data in a format that will assist management teams make better decisions around the welfare of their officers and staff.

Any force interested in learning more should contact Chief Inspector Dave Brewster on Dave.Brewster@college.pnn.police.uk

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