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NEP here to help with New Year challenges

The first wave of COVID-19 radically changed our working lives last spring and resulted in a massive escalation of the National Enabling Programmes (NEP). Forces embraced the new technology the programme was championing, and this enabled a totally new way of working.

As we begin 2021, the NEP is continuing to work at a pace to ensure we play our part in helping colleagues deliver the vital services communities rely on to keep them safe.

Policing Insight, a respected commentator on developments within our service, has reviewed the NEP’s progress. You can read the full article, which outlines the programme’s overall ambitions and achievements, here.

The article details how individual forces have utilised Microsoft 365 to adapt and improve in many varied areas of policing, from intelligence tasking to safeguarding and from scenes of crime investigations to recording COVID-19 breaches.

We will be restarting our weekly Wednesday webinars later in the month, helping forces get maximum benefit from M365 products. More details will be sent out in the near future.

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