Simon Parr

NEP sets course for a new trust model across policing

In the interview, which came a few days after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to recruit another 20,000 police officers for England and Wales, Simon explains the switch to a new trust model which he says can make a big difference in giving police officers swift access to information they need.

“People are trusted to do all sorts of difficult things in their job in policing, but still have go through hoops to access data to help with a decision. So, the idea is we’ll flip the trust model and assume that people are trustworthy, then you monitor what you are doing with it and audit.”

“However many cops you have, they need accurate and up-to-date information”

It’s one of the functions of the National Management Centre, which will cover all access points to the systems and learn over time how to spot aberrations in how people use it. The idea is to give the officers access as a default, then keep an eye open for any patterns that could suggest misuse or create weak points in cyber security.

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