Gif image showing the transformation of the visual identify of the Enabling Centre

New look for the Enabling Centre

As the National Enabling Programme approaches it's closure at the end of March 2022, some of the elements of the NEP delivery will be moving into the BAU capabilities with the Police Digital Service. This includes moving the highly successful and valued Enabling Centre, which is used by forces to access tools and information that support the local adoption of the various case cases and ways of working enabled by the programme.

It's also the home to over 25 applications and solutions which are available to policing which have been developed by other forces or the programme to help tackle shared issues. These include simple desk booking application to more complex solutions, all assured to work on the standard technical blueprint shared across policing.

The police only 'extranet' also enabled interaction between colleagues in forces and contains a full set of communications assets and knowledge on using the tools available.

As a result of the transition into the Police Digital Service the site has now undergone a full rebranding, so it's the same great content but with a new look at feel.

The site can be accessed via this link if you already have guest access to the platform. If you can't access it and are part of the UK police service, please use this form to request access and a member of the PDS team will review your request.

You will see other changes over the next few weeks as the transition continues.

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