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Over 500 police working days saved for Lincolnshire communities

Lincolnshire Police have saved over 500 working days after rolling out M365 tools to their workforce, with help from the National Enabling Programmes (NEP).

Out have gone manual or repetitive processes, leaving more time to be given back to policing for the benefit of local communities.

The adoption of Teams and other M365 applications has improved efficiency across a whole range of departments involved in both frontline and back office functions.

Personnel working in Criminal Justice, Learning and Development, Intelligence, Safeguarding and Business Change are just some of the many officers and staff to benefit from new ways of working.

Chief Inspector Nicola Templeman, Director of Tech Futures at Lincolnshire Police says:
“In the six months since we began making these tools available to our staff, we calculate that we have collectively saved over 800,000 minutes or 555 days of work which have been utilised to great effect elsewhere.
“Mostly this has been on manual tasks collating data and completing forms, or travelling to meetings that can now be held remotely. This is time back that can be spent on other aspects of policing including local policing and supporting the officers in responding to calls from the public. Ultimately it means we are providing a better service to the public and the people who need us most.”

Examples of where the savings have been made include the following:

• The East Midlands Criminal Justice Board of 20 partners across five force areas now meeting remotely, reducing travel time and costs while increasing their satisfaction in the effectiveness of the meetings.
• Live-time intelligence updates being sent to officers in the field – ending the need to return to a base for in-person updates.
• Corporate Planning department asking advisors to present remotely, removing the need for room bookings and catering for the audience.
• Planner being deployed by officers responsible for implementing HMICFRS recommendations relating to safeguarding, making them much quicker and easier to track and monitor.

In addition, the force developed a PowerApp which saved significant time in ensuring the accuracy of crime recording which is vital to maintaining public confidence. An Inspector within the Tech Futures department developed a Power App for a local team that went on to be adopted by the force.

Chief Inspector Nicola Templeman adds:
“Adopting M365 has been a huge step forward for us. Colleagues like the flexibility, simplicity and compatibility it will bring to all forces and partner agencies.
“And it’s not just IT staff who have used the tools to build innovative new solutions to old problems. This really is technology for everyone.”

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