Example of incident map in PowerApps

PowerAppathon Lab takes people on a journey of the potential

The NEP joined forces with Microsoft to host a focused session that looked at the challenges, opportunities, applications and considerations of PowerApps within the policing sector.  

With the help of Pythagoras, attendees were shown the potential of the platform, which provides organisations with the ability to build their own apps.

Attendees were also given examples of good PowerApps use cases within policing, provided with guidance on best practice and then had the opportunity to start building their own apps.

Rhys Willis, Business Change – Police Engagement Specialist, said: “We set up this PowerAppathon to be more hands on. We wanted to illustrate the low code easy build of PowerApps and the potential for forces to create their own. Importantly NEP want, as a programme, to support forces to understand the opportunities and to create a centre where forces can collaborate and exchange concepts negating duplication.  

“It is early for forces but there are some really positive signs already. Following the event, attendees now have the chance to go away and work on potential apps with the support of the NEP, Microsoft and Pythagoras.”

Read more about PowerApps: https://thepoliceictcompany.sharepoint.com/sites/enablingcentre/SitePages/PowerApps.aspx



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