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Teams for Tasking - How Derbyshire transformed operational tasking

At the start of the summer I was asked to review Derbyshire Constabulary’s tasking processes, with the simple aim of making them more direct and efficient.  

We wanted to establish a new system that would provide greater clarity and accountability surrounding actions taken, and provide senior leaders with the opportunity to review and analyse the effectiveness and financial cost of chosen tactics. 

As part of the review I looked at all of our tasking platforms from daily, section, divisional and ultimately force-level.  

Importantly, the review brief required me to find a solution which focused on risk and threat within a 24-hour period, ensuring it aligned to the National Intelligence Model, the College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice and had clear escalation and de-escalation routes.  

By linking the concept to Derbyshire Constabulary’s commitment to the National Enabling Programmes (NEP), I sought to identify suitable technology on which to base the tasking role and produce a ‘One Force’ approach.  

Very quickly I identified, through the M365 productivity services, that a solution was staring at me in the face. It was a solution that would embrace the new era of agile working but also one which would provide forth at all important greater accountability, with tasks linked directly to stakeholders for responsibility and progression.  

The solution was simple, so much so that a Sergeant with 19years of service - but who prior to the launch of the NEP had never really had any technical experience - was able to build a platform which would ultimately service the entire organisation’s tactical tasking process.  

So, what do we do? 

Through the use of Teams, we were able to have a central location in which to base our tactical tasking. We started to use the platform as more than just a communications product - it became our central workstation. Introducing the likes of Planner, Power Automate, Forms and Power Bi this has now become the one place where we manage our daily, weekly and monthly Tactical Tasking. All the information needed is now at our fingertips. 

We have just come to an end of our first four-week tasking cycle and this is what it has achieved: 

·       180 actioned daily tasks in line with our tasking pillars  

·       Clear ownership and accountability 

·       A live dynamic tasking document, no longer a snapshot in time 

·       Ability to identify best practice for future incidents 

·       Ability to escalate taskings through the different tasking meetings 

Please take a look at our short video on the daily tasking model and remember the process created in Derbyshire came at no extra cost to the NEP products services and once more a very simple and effective use of the NEP product services.

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