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Examining the benefits

The introduction on Microsoft Teams and other tools in the NEP stack is having significant benefits across policing. However, quantifying and documenting what these are has proved challenging for many forces.

We know the rollout of M365 has been popular with the workforce, and has played a significant part in keeping work on track during the lockdown, but it will also influence business decisions in the future. Strategic leaders will need to make choices based on documented facts – so benefits recording is vital.

To help forces understand the advantages of report benefits, the NEP held a workshop where two forces shared their recent experience and learning.

Vicky Booty from North Yorkshire explained: “We were finding it challenging to keep up to date with and record, all of the benefits being experienced by our force.

“So, we needed to create a new and simple method of gathering and presenting benefits and dis-benefits information to support organisational learning and good governance. “Vicky and her colleague Mel Stabler went on to demonstrate how their colleagues developed a simple system to provide the information the force needed.

James Morrison, Tim Dawson and Nadya Essam from Lincolnshire then described how their force has achieved significant business change across their force, and the role benefits has played in encouraging this. James explained how he would lobby senior leaders to explain how the tools can be used for front line users, Tim highlighted how a good team ethos created synergy and drove change whilst Nadya stressed how talking officers and staff through the use of technology has really driven innovation. This has resulted in significant change of a number of processes highlighting the mantra of the programme of doing things better by using the technology at hand for better outcomes.

Over 80 attendees from around the country logged on to the event but, if you missed it, you can get a link to the recording by contacting the NEP’s benefits lead, Rhys.Willis@pds.police.uk

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