Screen shot of the Enabling Centre

Enabling Centre now up and running

The Enabling Centre is now up and running, ready to help forces roll out Microsoft 365 productivity tools to the NEP's first group of forces.  

Over 80 colleagues from around the country joined a special webinar to get a preview of just what is on offer.  

If you missed this 30-minute live broadcast, you can see the recording here  

The event included a whistle stop tour of the five main sections of the Enabling Centre: Ways of Working, Benefits, Champions, L&D and Communications.  

Attendees were able to see where all the guidance documents and creative assets are located so they can download and use them for their own delivery channels.  

The audience included the 12 ‘Tranche 1’ forces who have just, or are about to, launch M365 for their workforces, plus many of the others who will be rolling out over the coming months also took part.  

Access to the Enabling Centre – which is hosted on a Sharepoint site – is restricted to force leads for business change, L&D and communications.  If you need access, please speak to your local force programme team.

Programme director Wayne Parkes introduced the session. He said: "We were delighted to premiere the Enabling Centre today and show all the assets we have available to bring this programme alive in forces.  

"Demonstrating to our officer and staff colleagues the opportunities and benefits of adopting M365– and what is can deliver for our communities - will be vital is we are to fully exploit these tools."  

Today's Wednesday Webinar was the first for the autumn season. The following are planned and we welcome anyone to join us to get the most out of this crucial phase of the programme.  

Dates and topics of upcoming webinars are available in the Enabling Centre or the events page on our website.

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