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Tips for big meetings

Here are a few tips on getting the most out of the large meetings as a participant.

Firstly - stay muted unless you are invited to speak!

Use the chat and remember to use the @ then the name of a delegate so they get tagged into the conversation if you want to ensure they see it.

Customise your view - If the presentation is in a thumbnail then click on it and it will enlarge in your screen.

Raise your hand - the order hands go up is now presented to the chair so they can manage the meeting better - See this link for more

Reactions - move your cursor over the hand raise button and you can share your reaction with the emoji's which appear on the main screen.

Also you can react in the chat - acknowledge with a thumbs up or give support with a smiley face :-)

There are more useful features if you click the three dots near the camera no/off button:

- Turn on live captions or you can select to change where the gallery of participants is on the screen.

- You view the transcript (if available)

Be present in the meeting

- focus your concentration so consider marking yourself as 'Do Not Disturb'
- log out of email
- mute your phone
Whilst it is a virtual meeting treat it as if you were in the room with colleagues.

You will learn more from the meeting and you will be able to contribute more.

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