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Understand how Protective Marking helps us 'protect and share'

Information is key to helping us keep the communities we serve safe, and they share very sensitive information with us, so there is a huge responsibility on the police to protect the data and information we use. Similarly we have to share information both internally and with trusted partners around the clock so being able to effectively share whilst protecting the sensitive information appropriately.

In our weekly webinar on Wednesday 1st December we will be exploring why 'Protective Marking' in important and how the design that all forces use within the Microsoft 365 helps every force to implement and use the national standards for protective marking. This session will be focused on the everyday users of email and any of the Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, helping everyone understand what the power of using the tools effectively and how you can use the marking status to help protect sensitive information in a shared environment.

Importantly we will be sharing the experiences of colleague in the Dyfed-Powys Police force who have been supporting their officers and staff understand the standards, how Microsoft 365 makes it simple to mark files and emails and importantly how changing the status helps the secure design protect those files. We will discuss the everyday uses of this and share some useful tips that builds the confidence of users to share and collaborate more effectively, meaning that we can deliver better services to our communities.

To join the event CLICK HERE just before midday on Wednesday, or visit the www.transformation.police.uk/watch site to replay the recording anytime.

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