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Understanding how evergreen technology is transforming policing

We all recognise that we are moving to a new way of buying and using technology in a private lives, we don’t buy CD Roms nowadays we subscribe to services we want. A bit like the way we have moved from DVD or BlueRay to on demand for films and games.

The same is happening in the commercial and enterprise environment which is what our technology works on. In fact the National Enabling Programmes (NEP) and rollout of Microsoft 365 is one of the biggest changes in we have seen in policing in this area, but it wasn’t the first. There are now numerous law enforcement platforms that are cloud based and can be described as SAAS - Software as a Service.

These on demand services are ever changing and updating, or to use the phase used in technology, they are 'evergreen'. That means we get the latest functionality and services as quickly as they are launched. It also how we maintain the security of the platforms, the cyber threats are continually evolving so the way we protect the data and systems we rely on has to.

Similarly the hardware and devices we access these online services via have to be continually updated and maintained to ensure the security of the device and ensure it is then able to support the software and data we need to access. Whilst the Microsoft 365 stack is the visible side of the NEP, most users won’t realise that there are two other key elements to the NEP. Identity Access Management (IAM) which allows you access to Microsoft 365 (and other systems) and the National Management Centre (NMC) which is protecting the police cyber space from cyber crime and reducing the risks data loss.

Therefore the desktops, laptops. mobiles and phones we use to access the tools we need also have to be evergreen. This will change the way IT departments operate, recognising that we still have legacy systems to maintain and provide access to whilst we undergo modernisation of police technology.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about evergreen technology in policing, and it can be confusing and the webinar starts to cover this of this.

We will be joined by Deborah Wheelan-Clarke from Kent Police alongside some of our IT Architects who will talk us through at a easy to understand level what it means ahead of some detailed workshops later in the year to help forces embrace the new approach.

The way policing and other public sector organisations use technology is changing, just like the way we consume technology services in our personal lives.

Colleagues in policing can register to join a detailed workshop taking place on the 2nd Dec via this link.

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