Picture from Kent Police of a police training classroom with student officers sitting at desks

Virtual Classrooms Transform Police Training

Around 80 police training experts across all UK police forces are now part of an active network which is sharing experience and tips to help force Learning and Development teams support the delivery of the vital training in a more effective way than ever before.

During today's Virtual Classroom workshop, hosted by the National Enabling Programmes L&D Lead Mike Cowley-Freeman, over 80 colleagues heard from Norfolk and Suffolk who shared their experience of 'blended learning' where they combine onsite physical training with the virtual training sessions to deliver more effective and relevant training to both new officers and existing officers and staff.

Forces were also able to see demostrations of the latest functionality that is now available from the National Enabling Programmes and Microsoft, so they can plan ahead to get the best possible value from the NEP enabled approach.

Colleagues from the East Midlands Specialist Learning & Development Hub shared details of the recent study into the effectiveness of the Blended Learning Programme, enabling other colleagues to benefit from the latest knowledge and evidence base which supports decision making and future planning.

Mike Cowley-Freeman said "We have a well established network which now enables some really effective sharing and learning across forces. This month we covered a really broad selection of content, all of this is helping use gain more value out of the capabilities forces now have."

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