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How the NEP is helping us go paperfree (and get closer to our community)

How have you seen technology change in Policing throughout your career?

“The change has been significant. As an operational Inspector in the 1990s, there were occasions where we were concerned our comms had been compromised. In order to allocate jobs, we would have to call responding officers telling them to go to a phone box so we could pass them relevant information on a ‘secure’ line. Nowadays, there are officers out there equipped with mobile phones with more computing power than put man on the moon. There are teams capturing evidence on personal issue body worn video, meaning there is little dispute around what happened on scene. The world has changed drastically over the last 30 years, and we are working hard to keep up with it.”

“We need to be policing at the same pace the world is changing”

Simon Cole

Why has your Force put such a focus on the NEP’s work?

“We see it as a huge opportunity which is best taken in collaboration with others, so that Policing as a group can gain some more momentum in working together. Criminals have never respected Force boundaries, and that will continue to be the case in such a globalised world. We are keen to utilise the NEP’s solutions to help make us more efficient and synergetic with other Forces. So far, I have found first hand that the Art of the Possible sessions have really brought these potential benefits to life.”

And we have heard you have vowed to go paperless?

“It’s true, I am attempting to go paper free. I wouldn’t claim 100% success yet, but I’m making a real effort to carry out my day to day business digitally. The question we have to ask ourselves is how can we make best use of the technology we have available to us to provide a better service to the public? Things like using technology to facilitate interpreting, carrying out reviews and meetings virtually so we don’t always have to be physically present… No wasted time or paper! Technology will not only allow us to work more effectively, but should bring us closer to our communities as well.”

How does the NEP’s work address your strategic objectives?

“Our objectives are all about keeping our communities safe, as effectively as possible. With the NEP, we want to liberate the time of our people, whilst simultaneously providing them with the data and information they need to make the right calls in good time. This is not a one stop fix, however the NEP is a great starting point. We need to keep pushing forward with this digital transformation. Officers shouldn’t be coming into work, putting their personal kit in their lockers, and downgrading to police technology. We need to be policing at the same pace the world is changing, and that’s why we have welcomed the work that we’re doing with the NEP.”

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