Bedfordshire Police

How we’re approaching business change at BCH

What made you want to sign your charter?

“Firstly, we recognised this is big change. It’s across all forces, and has real buy-in at a strategic level. We are working with a very trusted delivery partner in terms of what Microsoft can bring to the table, after all, they have an undeniable track record.

"What’s also important to us though is that there is clear recognition from the NEP that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to our business change approach.”

How have you found the Business Change approach within the NEP?

“We’re wrestling with real problems in policing, that is our reality. With this approach, we’re learning how we can apply different technology to help us solve these problems.

"Our use cases demonstrate exactly how we can become more efficient and effective.

"The other key piece to this is that we can learn from each other. It will cut down on costs and implementation time, and create a catalogue of evidenced benefits.

"Through this approach, our team is also learning a tried and tested method to deliver business change with the support and guidance of the NEP team, which can be used as a vehicle for other transformation programmes.”

What benefits have stood out to your team so far?

"A key benefit will be our new capabilities when it comes to the management and security of data in our organisations. Holding and using it more securely, and making sure that only those who are meant to access it can access it.

"We’ve got a use case looking at collaboration and communication in our HR department. Do our HR systems talk to our procurement systems? Do they talk to our identity access systems? How does this impact the efficiency of our JML (Joiners, Movers and Leavers)  process?

"Our use case is looking at getting a synthesised system which gets our staff operational as securely and effectively as possible, and that’s really exciting for us.”

Do you think a transformation in policing is necessary?

“I’ve worked in policing for many years, and when I look back on how as organisations we have all worked independently with a multitude of suppliers, with products that don’t necessarily talk well with each other, or how we have been under equipped to acknowledge our data risk, I think there is an awful lot that the NEP can help change.

"I think looking at the even bigger picture, there are a number of opportunities which will come from taking a national approach to this.

"Although we are 43 separate forces, we all have similar objectives, and will be able to share experiences and collaborate on systems with higher levels of interoperability.”

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