Webinar: Burglary Investigation PowerApp
Webinar: PowerApps to tackle fraud with Belgium Police
Webinar: Digital Innovation Garage
Webinar supporting M365 users with access to guides and learning materials
Webinar: taser Data Review PowerApp
Webinar: How Lists and Teams underpin tasking and coordination.
Webinar: Protecting the Police Cyber Estate
Webinar: Reflections on delivery of the National Enabling Programmes
The News PDS Engagement Team
Webinar: Setting up your local Microsoft learning centre
Webinar: Hotspot Patrols PowerApp with Thames Valley Police
Stop Search Scrutiny Webinar
Webinar: Toms Top Tips for all users
Webinar: National Standards
Webinar: Accessibility - Learn from West Yorkshire Police
Webinar: Federation
Webinar: Sway and Stream
Highlights of 2021 Webinar
SharePoint as Police Intranets - Webinar
How Wiltshire HQ Operations Team use Teams and Microsoft 365
How live drone streaming on Teams helps save lives and tackle crime.
How modern technology is changing how police technology is delivered
Webinar Managing files, moving to SharePoint and OneDrive
Guest Access - Webinar
Empowering ideas - Webinar
Managing PowerApps - Webinar
Enabling Safeguarding in Schools - Webinar
Live Event, New Webinar, Teams Meeting - which to use when!
Sharing data from roadside to back office - Webinar
How M365 can support officers using Body Worn Video - Webinar
Learning Pathways - Webinar
SharePoint Lists - Webinar
Co-authoring and sharing with M365 and teams
Information Management via SharePoint Lists and PowerApp
IAM Webinar
Power Automate - Webinar
Create newsletters with Sway - webinar
My CJ Power App - webinar
Accessibility tools - webinar
Teams Live - webinar
Teams in custody settings
Yammer - Webinar
Taming Teams - Webinar
Webinar - What's coming to police Teams soon
Drones and M365 - webinar
Tasks and Planner - webinar
Forms and Power Automate - webinar
Sharepoint collaboration - webinar
Assessment Centres - webinar
Power Bi - webinar
Breakout Rooms - Quick Guide
Covid19 Power App - webinar
Data sharing on Microsoft 365 - webinar
Integrating Yammer into your internal communications and engagement approach - webinar
Using M365 for MARAC and Safeguarding - webinar
Virtual Training - webinar
Collaboration and Communications - webinar
Chief Officer Meetings and Modern Meetings - webinar
Welcome to the Enabling Centre
Accessibility - webinar
OneNote and Power Automate - Webinar
Sway & Forms - webinar
Webinar OneNote & PowerAutomate
Sharepoint - webinar
Hosting a Live Event - webinar
Building a Virtual Learning Envrionment - webinar
Webinar Teams as a Virtual Learning Environment
Microsoft Sway and Forms
New functionality in Office 365 - webinar
Office 365 Hints and Tips
Analysis and Reporting - webinar

Modern Policing Event - July 2020

NEP & Microsoft Modern Policing Event - Power of Microsoft Teams
NEP & Microsoft Modern Policing Event - Power Apps Session
NEP & Microsoft Modern Policing Event - Learning Circle with Derbyshire Police
NEP & Microsoft Modern Policing Event - Enabling Modern Policing
NEP & Microsoft Modern Policing Event - Accessibility
NEP & Microsoft Modern Policing Event - Microsoft Surface Hardware

NEP Focus on Cumbria

NEP x Cumbria Constabulary Part 5
NEP x Cumbria Constabulary Part 2
NEP x Cumbria Constabulary Part 3
NEP x Cumbria Constabulary FULL
NEP x Cumbria Constabulary Part 6
NEP x Cumbria Constabulary Part 1
NEP x Cumbria Constabulary Part 4

Other NEP videos

Currently no videos available in this playlist


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