Identity and Access
Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management

We’re delivering the Identity and Access Management service, a nationally-supported identity solution for police forces across England and Wales.

It helps forces securely manage access to the devices used by officers, staff and the frontline, and speeds access to vital information.

Easier, safer access and collaboration

The Identity and Access Management - or IAM - service is designed to ensure that the right people can access the right information at the right time, wherever they are.

It ensures police forces can securely manage access to their information and the devices used by their staff, whether they are office-based, working in a partner's premises, at another force's location, in a vehicle or out on patrol.

We're currently rolling out the IAM service across police forces in England and Wales with 37 contracted and 25 where implementation is either complete or underway.

Knowledge is king

Information is the lifeblood of policing. Officers and staff need accurate and up-to-date information, and they need to be able to get access to all the information they need, exactly when they need it.

They need to be able to safely and securely share information with other forces and partner organisations.

They don’t want to waste time double- or triple-handling the information.

And, importantly, they need to make sure this information can’t be accessed by just anyone.

That's why we're delivering the IAM service.

Secure, seamless access

The IAM service is a national-supported solution for policing. It provides secure, seamless user access to local, regional and national information, network services and applications, including cloud services in an efficient and effective way.

It ensures that, wherever police officers and staff need to be, they can safely and securely access the information they need to help them work.

Providing teams, officers and staff with secure, quick and easy log-in access across the devices they need to use. the IAM service allows the right people to get the information by simply entering the details of a single identity.

Improving operational efficiency

The IAM service provides improved operational efficiency forces by reducing the administrative overhead related to managing user identities, and by automating the on-boarding and management of users.

This is especially useful in policing as officers and staff need to access information, resources and knowledge that reside in a wide variety of different IT systems.

And also because officers and staff in forces often need to change roles, work in different locations or remotely, or even temporarily assigned to another force.

The IAM enables role-based access rights to be assigned automatically, and that means new officers and staff can quickly get up-to-speed and start protecting the public. This approach will also support force access to other national systems via the National Identity Access Management programme and NLEDS.

Partners in progress

Collaboration is a key element for modern policing. The IAM service helps ensure that both local and national problems can be effectively tackled in a trusted way with partners across the public health, education, social care and the charity sectors.

Easy and effective control of guest access is one of the IAM’s crucial features, which helps forces to work more collaboratively with partners across the law enforcement and criminal justice network, and even more widely with third-sector and charity organisations.

The IAM is an essential vehicle for ensuring forces can safely and securely share knowledge and information with each other and authorised partners and a key building-block for modern policing.

So far 37 forces are now contracted and implementing the IAM service

Avon & Somerset
City of London
Dyfed Powes
North Wales
North Yorkshire
South Wales
South Yorkshire
Thames Valley
West Mercia
West Midlands
West Yorkshire


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