We’re delivering the National Management Centre, the nationally-supported cyber security protection facility for police forces across England and Wales.

Policing's cyber guardian

This National Management Centre - or NMC - deploys a range of security tools, technologies and a specialist team of analysts that monitor, hunt and help to detect unknown, sophisticated and evasive cyber security threats: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year.

It ensures each force’s local ICT team can lock down and eliminate any cyber threats before they could cause damage and disruption to the IT systems and devices used by the force’s officers and staff.

And we're live in the majority of police forces in England and Wales and supporting the remaining forces to onboard.

Protecting policing from cyber criminals

Policing occupies a unique position in the world of cyber security. At the forefront in investigation, interception and enforcement, it’s now increasingly a target.

If turned on policing, the impact of cyber-crime could be catastrophic to public safety, privacy, the integrity of evidence and enforcement outcomes.

The theft and destruction of information and data, the disruption of systems and the alteration of evidence would have a devastating effect on policing and criminal justice.

So, we’re building and implementing the NMC as a focused, national cyber security protection facility that has been developed to support the requirements and demands of UK policing.

Nationally coordinated response

As a national centre of excellence, the NMC is linked into a rich resource of international threat intelligence organisations - across government and industry, at home and internationally - to enhance its monitoring services and provide rapid, robust threat data.

Unlike traditional policing where threats or intelligent gathering are localised, cyber threats are not specific to a region and can come from anywhere in the world.

So, the NMC provides knowledge above and beyond what would typically be possible when analysing an event purely at a force level.

Knowledge that is shared across the policing community, and gives police forces - and UK policing as a whole - a much broader perspective of the threat landscape.

And that helps ensure police forces can stay ahead of crime.

Safeguarding against evolving cyber risks

The NMC is being delivered in a range of cyber security services that are designed to mitigate each aspect of the cyber-attack cycle. Each service works together in a sequential way, protecting policing in depth.

The NMC’s initial monitoring capability, which is the first service to go into live operation, provides a protective monitoring service that analyses and scrutinises each force’s cloud-based technology estate.

This will shortly be expanded to each force’s on-premise technology estate.

Additional services - from malware analysis to cyber forensic tools - will be made available to police forces over the next few weeks as part of a phased programme.

And this will ensure the NMC addresses policing’s ever-evolving cyber-risk requirements, and make sure police forces stay ahead of today’s cyber adversaries.

So far 39 forces are in live operation with the NMC


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