Productivity Services

Productivity Services

We’re introducing Productivity Services based on the Microsoft 365 suite into police forces right across England and Wales.

The broad range of applications and tools built into Microsoft 365 will enable officers and staff to spend more time with communities, less time on manual tasks and be better equipped with the information they need to protect the most vulnerable members of society.

Kick-starting digital policing

The Microsoft 365 Productivity Services suite provides police forces with a comprehensive family of workforce applications and tools that can help drive productivity, improve collaboration and enable easier mobile working, all the while delivering proven cost savings.

The cloud-hosted Microsoft 365 has already made a positive impact in many private and public sector organisations over recent years.

Now, thanks to the safety and security enhancements and services that are being implemented by the NEP, it’s now a viable solution for the strict security standards of UK police forces.

It means officers and staff can access information more easily while on patrol, and collaborate and communicate more easily and safely across their workforce and among wider communities. And helps them engage better with the public.

We’re currently rolling out the Microsoft 365 Productivity Services suite across the 43 police forces that make up policing in England and Wales.

Safer, better ways of working

Amidst a perfect storm of resource constraints, new threats and the need for new ways of working, police forces need to turn to technology and better ways of working to help them do more, with less.

With forces requiring value for money, off-the-shelf technologies offer proven,cost-effective solutions that can help forces quickly tackle the challenges they’re facing around productivity, efficiency and much, much more.

But police forces work in complex environments, dealing with sensitive data and unique challenges and culture, so these standard solutions need enhanced security services that make it easy and quick for staff to do what they need to do, while the security looks after them and the work they need to do.

That’s what we’re doing with the Microsoft 365 Product Services suite.

Time and productivity benefits

Alongside impressive technology savings through the NEP’s special MoU with Microsoft, the Microsoft 365 Productivity Services suite enables significant time and productivity benefits through a more mobile workforce, and innovative communication tools.

Police officers can file reports on their mobiles in the field rather than handwriting notes.

Using Teams, officers can collaborate in real-time with colleagues back in the office or quickly see who’s available to provide helpful opinions and expertise.

And briefings can be recorded and saved on the Teams platform for later use, along with any presentations material or images used.

Teams is also a useful tool for signposting officers to relevant contacts, such as specialists in child sexual exploitation. It means that an officer out in the field who’s got a worry about a safeguarding issue will be able to access a team of experts to consult with and ask for their advice.

Share and collaborate

Improved document and information sharing will help break down traditional departmental silos, making it easier to find information, as well as facilitating sharing of information with both neighbouring police forces and partner organisations.

All this information is protected through by the NEP’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) service,with the National Management Centre (NMC) security platform and threat protection services detecting and intercepting potential cyber threats.

The Microsoft 365 Productivity Services suite creates a modern working environment across police forces and enables a digitally-supported approach to policing.

31 forces are currently implementing their Microsoft 365 Productivity Services suite

Avon & Somerset
Devon, Cornwall & Isle of Scilly
Dyfed Powes
North Wales
North Yorkshire
South Wales
Thames Valley
West Yorkshire


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